Ratings System for Reviews

Rating System for Book Reviews

Our rating system is self-explanatory but just in case there’s any confusion, here’s a detailed explanation.

Puckered Review
Puckered Review

  • The best of the best.  We would kiss, lick, and bite the author for their brilliance, if we could.  We also probably want to make out with the protagonists of the book.  One-click worthy on Amazon!

Five Kisses
5 Star Review

  • You must read this now!  It made our panties wet and our hearts swell. One-Click worthy on Amazon!

Four Kisses
4 Star Review

  • Really, really liked it!  Read it ASAP! Swoon-worthy!

Three Kisses
3 Star Review

  • It was good, but we’ve read better.  You should read it, but it can be put on the back-burner.

Two Kisses
2 Star Review

  • Not for us.  It was hard to finish, but we powered through.

One Kiss
1 Star Review

  • Nope.  Just, nope.  Move along, nothing to see here.



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