Review Requests

Flirty Fiction primarily reads the following genres:

  • Contemporary Romance
  • BDSM
  • New Adult
  • Erotica

HOWEVER, if your book has strong themes of romance, angst, sexy bad boys (those with tattoos and piercings WILL be given extra consideration), feel free to send us a request!

When sending review requests, you can help us (and you!) out by including the following information:

1. In the subject line of your email, put Review Request: (Title of your book)
2. Title, Publication Info (Date, etc.)
3. A short synopsis or summary
4. It’d be awesome if you’d include links to your blog, Facebook, or Goodreads page

If you’d like your book reviewed within a certain time frame, make sure to ask us! We’ll do our best but if you don’t ask, it’s likely your review will go to the back of a very long list of books.

Keep in mind that we’re not professional reviewers. We’re doing this because we think it’s fun. We both have our own families, lives, and careers to manage in addition to this blog.

ALL reviews will include the following:

  • Author and Publication Details
  • Links (where applicable) to an Author’s Goodread and/or Facebook page
  • Links to Amazon to purchase the book
  • Links to Flirty Fictions Facebook and Goodread’s page – we will also post the review on both of these pages
  • A “star” rating system (Check out our rating system details, here).
  • If Shara really enjoyed your book, or your book includes a really hot lead, she might do casting for your book (but, she’ll do it on Facebook, not on the blog)

When submitting your book to be reviewed:

  • If you don’t hear from us immediately, it’s not because we’re saying no.  Maybe we just didn’t get your e-mail but, chances are, we’re just super busy gals.  If you don’t hear from us within a week, then feel free to send another request.
  • Format:  We accept .mobi (Kindle) ARCS and really enjoy hard copies of books to review (nope, you don’t have to send us two.  We schedule cage fights when we can’t agree on who’s going to review the book).  Our email is:
  • Please keep in mind that it might take 3 days, two weeks, or eight months for your review to be posted. Unless you’ve asked and we’ve agreed to review your book by a certain date, chances are, it might take us some time to get to your review.


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